Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Year, New Selfworks

Image credit: Clare Walker

Hello again to everyone who's been so patient in waiting for Selfworks to get re-born. Just like snowdrops pushing their way through the soil, the site has made it, but in a new form. (So new, in fact that I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that this gets to you without glitches...)

Anyway, I'm now pouring every bit of the same care and energy that used to go into coaching sessions  face-to-face, into downloads and products that help to solve life's problems and make it brighter and more fun. But with these (unlike coaching) you get to choose your own timing, as well as the best way to integrate ideas into your life.

BOOK NEWS: Your questions, please...

Speaking of which, one thing in the pipeline is a new way for people to enjoy happier romantic relationships as a multi-dimensional journey. (Hint: It's fun and there are no long chapters to wade through!).

So, if you're sick of being single (or know someone who is) and have a question about that you'd love to get answered, please could you or they let me know here. (And if you're reading this sometime after January 2014, please still let me know-it might go into the next update).


It's a continued thank you to everyone who has purchased and supported  Guided Meditations: Relaxing in Nature. And to those people who are now buying the CD for your customers (thank you again!) please know that I *have* restocked, but it just takes a little while for that info to filter through the system. It should be listed as available for purchase again by the middle of next week at the latest.

That's all for now...

But if you're reading this and not yet a subscriber, you can sign up here. And if you know anyone who might like this, please *do* forward and share it with them.

These updates will only be occasional (every few weeks at most, I promise).

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

Clare x